Keep Going. Don't Stop

Keep Going! Don’t Stop Short of Your Promised Land!

If life is hard right now or you feel unsatisfied in your purpose, don’t stop now!

God has a life of abundant promises for you, keep going! 

Don’t Stop Short of Your Promised Land! Keep Going!

As the Children of Israel were getting close to the land God promised them, the tribes of Reuben and Gad came up to Moses and wanted their inheritance early, before they crossed the Jordan River.

They did not want to wait for the land God promised; they wanted their land immediately.

They approached Moses, “Let this land be given to your servants as a possession; do not take us across the Jordan.”[1]

Now, I don’t know their heart motives, but they must not have been good. God had promised an abundant place for them across the Jordan, and they were stopping short of God’s instructions. They had just gained a couple of victories over the Amorites and Midianites but did not have the vision for the even greater opportunities ahead.

Moses responded, “Shall your brothers go to war while you yourselves sit here? Now, why are you discouraging the sons of Israel from crossing over into the land which the Lord has given them?”[2]

This was exactly what their forefathers had done at Kadesh-Barnea when the 12 spies went to spy out the land when they should have gone in to possess the land the first time. They saw the abundance of provision in the land, but they also saw the giants and were afraid, and they discouraged the others from going in to take the land.

God was angry that they would not follow His instructions and would quit short of His instructions. God has reasons for His specific instructions that we do not always understand.

If you have yet to see the goodness of the Lord in all areas of your life, don’t stop! Keep going!

Keep Going! Don't Stop Short!God was angry with Reuben and Gad for not believing His words that He would go before them and wipe out their enemies. He was angry that His children would not follow instructions. He was angry they would not believe in His goodness and kindness to them. He was angry they would not pursue the purpose He put before them. He was angry they did not want the land He was giving them. He was angry they stopped short of accomplishing what He gave them to do. And He was angry that by quitting they were shattering the unity of the 12 tribes and discouraging their brothers from pursuing God’s promises as well.

These two tribes had large flocks and loved the land they traveled through. They saw the present and were content. However, what they saw was with their own vision not God’s vision. They chose their own way instead of God’s way. They chose from the Tree of Knowledge and not the Tree of Life.

God did give them what they wanted, but it came with stipulations and consequences, just like Adam and Eve’s choice. And the seeds of discontent and disharmony were sown for future generations.

These tribes rejected God’s instructions and stopped short of God’s abundant plan for their lives.

Don’t stop short of the abundant life God has waiting for you! Keep going!

There are always those who don’t go forward into God’s promises.

When God sent angels to lead Lot and his wife out of sinful Sodom, Lot’s wife turned to look back. Did she not know what was ahead of her? Did she not realize the awful mess she was being delivered from? God was not taking her house and family away. He was saving her life. Her eyes and heart were focused on the wrong things. She chose to quit too soon.

It is the evil one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Our Lord has come to bring us life more abundantly. God’s ways are always good, even when we do not understand.

Lot’s wife rejected God’s instructions and stopped short of God’s abundant plan for her and future generations.

Don’t stop in your journey until you get to that abundant life He has promised! Keep pursuing God!

God has a garden of Eden experience for you here on earth, as well as later. We learn to access that place as we grow in our relationship with Him here on earth, right now.

He has the same promises (and better) for you that He gave Adam and Eve of peace, safety, rest, abundant provision, relationship, and divine purpose.

I know a good Christian woman, I’ll call Mary, who was deeply troubled about a situation, and knew God was impressing on her the need for intercessory prayer. We even talked about how God was calling her to prayer as an intercessor.

However, her best friend was an intercessor and went through some terrible circumstances. Mary is still upset at God about what her friend went through and does not want to be an intercessor. She knows the thrill of miracles and the power of prayer. Yet, she does not want to take time in her busy life to pursue God’s will. Mary has plunged herself into more activity to run from the call to prayer.

She does not realize her life will never be exactly like her friend’s life. She has refused the God assignment and continues on in a Facebook-happy life, but is unfulfilled and unsatisfied in purpose. Mary is afraid of the one thing God knows will make her the happiest and most fulfilled in her life.

Mary has rejected God’s stirring call and stopped short of God’s abundant plan for her life and those she would affect all around her.

We are not all called to be intercessors, but whichever thing God is prompting you to do will be the thing that most fulfills you.

Say “yes!”

Don’t stop short of God’s ideal life for you! Keep going!

Our main purpose in life is to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength. Then from this place of intimate relationship other assignments and calls are given, which may change over time.

I have been given the assignment of writing this book. God even gave me the title, Return to Eden. I am almost finished and look forward to what God has next. It would have been easy to quit somewhere in the middle, or even now when looking for a publisher seems difficult. But God has reasons for the instructions He gives. I will not stop short of the finish line with this assignment!

Now, I ask you what is the current assignment God has given you?

He has a reason for His instructions! He will use all you are going through for your benefit and His glory! He will lead you through to the other side of the Jordan and bring you victory over the giants in your land!

Do not be afraid, do not look back, and do not stop short!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you.” (Joshua 1:9).

God Bless your journey friend!

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Photo by Isaque Pereira from Pexels


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